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Frequently Asked


Established in 2015, Beauti22 International Limited is one of the largest independent beauty device distributors, wholesalers, and consultants in Hong Kong. We adhere to a customer-oriented principle and provide comprehensive after-sales services in all business areas, including device training and maintenance, to assist customers in formulating appropriate strategies.

Q1: Is Beauti22 International Limited a reliable company?

We offer door-to-door services through air or sea transportation, depending on your specific requirements. We work with reputable shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx for air transportation, as well as sea transportation options.

Q2: What are the delivery options?

The delivery time is typically 30-45 days.

Q3: How long is the delivery time?

We use high-quality aluminum alloy cases, carton cases, or wooden cases for packaging.

Q4: What is the packaging method?

We have a professional technology support team that provides prompt assistance. We also provide technical documents to support your needs.

Q5: Do you provide timely technical support?

We accept payment through T/T (bank transfer) and credit card.

Q6: What payment methods do you accept?

Typically, customers purchase insurance before shipment to mitigate any potential losses during transportation. In the event of machine damage, we will assist you in the claims process with the insurance companies to ensure the timely recovery of your funds.

Q7: What happens if the machines are damaged during shipment?

Yes, we have been participating in world-renowned exhibitions since 2015. These exhibitions are held in various locations such as Moscow, Japan, Italy, Germany, Dubai, Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, and more.

Q8: Do you participate in international exhibitions annually?

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