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Activate Collagen | Slimming Facial Lifting | Reshape Curves

At a skin temperature of 65°C, it coagulates the SMAS layer (approximately 3.5mm ~ 4.5mm deep), effectively stimulating fibroblast cells, dissolving facial fat cells, tightening skin contours, repairing damaged fibrous tissues, and stimulating the regeneration of collagen cells, quickly achieving a slimming and firming effect on the face. Additionally, V Power's precise positioning delivers treatment directly to the target area through unique friction treatment, achieving painless contouring.

V Power's principle

V Power helps improve wrinkles, skin elasticity, and contouring while promoting collagen formation.

Significantly reduces discomfort by utilizing a dot matrix distribution targeting specific locations.

Compared to traditional linear HIFU, which only delivers linear energy, V Power's spiral HIFU delivers circular energy, allowing for more concentrated energy focusing and better results with broader coverage

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